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Scope of the symposium

The aim of this meeting is to bring together experts in crystal growth and earth and planetary scientists interested in the rich range of phenomena associated with mineral growth and dissolution processes in nature. Although there has been interaction between the "crystal growth community" and these communities in the past, there is still a strong demand to strengthen and employ the most modern tools and advanced ideas if we are to advance our understanding of these processes.

The meeting will include presentations and discussions of the mechanisms of growth and dissolution mechanism at the crystal interface, mineral replacement, oscillatory growth, self assemblage of nano-partilces, perfection of crystals, and crystallization under extreme conditions such as in space and in the early solar nebula.

In order to discuss these topics in depth and to allow a maximum amount of free discussion, each speaker is asked to present his/her result in 30 min. and leave 30 min. for discussion. All participants are requested to contribute either in the oral or in the poster session. The total number of participants will be limited to 40 persons for easy communication.

Since this symposium covers variety of scientific fields, each talk is prepared as a tutorial, so that scientists or students in different fields could understand each other.

Keywords : Crystal Growth, Mineral Replacement, Planetary Science, Environments, Energy Resources, Space Experiment

The 1st Interface Mineralogy HP

Poster session
Some poster presentation will be accepted also for students.
Contact Katsuo Tsukamoto ().

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